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I'm Amy Tucci, and it's no coincidence you're here.

I specialize in guiding parents through the challenges of raising adolescents with mental health issues, drawing from my own journey with my son.

I've learned a lot along the way, often through difficult experiences. I'm committed to helping you navigate more effectively.

Whether it's tips on self care, supporting your other children, understanding what comes next, or accessing resources you may not be aware of, my goal is to lighten your load and reassure you that you're not alone

Hi, I'm Amy

If you're taking a moment to read this, chances are you're feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. Trust me, I've been there too. It's tough juggling everything and feeling like you're barely keeping your head above water, isn't it?

We share something in common: the deep desire to see our children thrive, especially when they're facing mental health challenges. Sometimes, it feels like navigating this journey is like trying to find your way through a dense fog - daunting, and at times, it might even feel impossible.

Feeling like a bad parent or isolated in this struggle? You're not alone. I've walked that road, and I'm here to offer a hand.

When my own son was going through a tough time, I felt completely lost. How did we go from the routine of middle school to unfamiliar territory like wilderness therapy and emergency calls? It was like my world was turned upside down. The truth is, the system doesn't always do a great job of explaining what's happening to our kids, leaving us to make tough decisions with little guidance.

What I craved most was a roadmap, a plan to follow. Sure, I understood it might need adjustments along the way, but feeling informed about our situation was crucial. Instead, it often felt like I was making huge decisions blindfolded.

Let's navigate this together.


Reach out now to book a free call or join the waitlist for my upcoming course,

Crisis to Calm: A Parent's Blueprint for

Navigating their Child's Mental Health Crisis.


I'm looking to connect with parents who find themselves in the midst of making crucial decisions for a child facing a mental health crisis. My goal is for you to walk away feeling more resourced, supported, and equipped to face the challenges ahead.⁣

Join our community of parents facing similar challenges to you. Here you can post anonymously, feel supported and access resources you may not know about.  This is a private group.  Click below to request membership.

Get in touch

I’m seeking to connect with parents who are currently navigating important decisions for a child experiencing a mental health crisis. Your perspectives, obstacles, and personal experiences are incredibly valuable, and listening to your narratives will significantly contribute to my mission of delivering the best possible support.

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Struggling to Navigate the Complexities of a Child’s Mental Health Journey? I’m seeking to connect with mothers who are currently navigating important decisions for a child experiencing a mental health […]

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