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Maybe you’re a bit like I was 5 years ago…out of shape, at a real crossroads in my life as a wife, a mother, and as a woman in general. I felt the weight of middle age heavy on my shoulders and there were days where I thought that I would fold. There were days I thought I would never claw my way back to a life where I could again hold my head high.

Then I remembered that I am made of something combustible. In me there is an ember, and it exists in each of you too. I knew I deserved a happy, fulfilled life lived on my terms and in my own image. I looked everywhere for a role model since my own mother passed away when I was 22. Despite searching far and wide, I found no one.

So I decided to create a space where the woman I was 5 years ago, unhappily married, overweight, low on self image and rudderless in general, could come for some inspiration and advice. You, my friend, have found your way home.

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The Remix

Come workout with us!  From our full body workout class The Remix, to Pilates, to Lift classes where we focus more on technique and lifting heavy there is something for everyone.

Save money and cement change by purchasing a series of classes.  We sell 10, 20 and 30 packs and increased discounts.  You can also become an Unlimited Monthly Member and control your own price per class by coming more often!  Everyone wins!

If you are looking for a truly transformative experience, Amy works one on one with no more than 10 clients at a time for an immersive experiment into her three pillars of fitness. Nutrition, Recovery and Training. If you are ready to truly reach your goals, this is for you.

Explore our nutritional offerings, from custom meal prep menus ordered weekly for in person clients, to frozen meal prep for purchase also in person, to working with our Head of Nutrition for a high-touch education in how to fuel your body, there is something for everyone.

The Three-Tiered System

Amy’s transformational program explained in an easy to digest and implement format. Learn the foundations of The Three-Tiered System and CHANGE EVERYTHING. Download the E Book here.

Join the Challenge

4 week challenge that will give you access to daily workouts, nutrition resources, community, and most importantly support! Amazing prizes in store!

Virtual Workouts

Access our library of workouts that you can use to build out your own three-tier system for true transformation.

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Everything else! Makeup, style, life hacks, you’ll find it all here.

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Writing is my therapeutic tool. Here is where you will find my living journal, The Oscar Diaries.

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Eat Well

Natasha Coughlin
Registered Dietitian
Holistic Health Coach

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Everything else! Makeup, style, life hacks, you’ll find it all here.

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