At Home Workouts

My Abs Secret Workout

Here is a killer 10 minute ab workout for long, lean defined abs.  You don’t need any equipment just the will to do it!  I carried four babies and while I had a history of being pretty fit I also did two years of bed rest for babies #3 & #4.  Anything is possible, and you don’t need washboard abs to find true happiness.  A strong core never hurts though and will keep your back healthy as you get older and while you chase around those kiddos.  

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15 Min Upper Body Band Workout

Join me in this 15 minute fiery upper body band workout! Follow alongside me in the comfort of your home! We are doing an interval training session with 45 seconds of hard work and 15 second rest, for 10 movements. All you will need for this workout are two resistant bands, I am using a resistance loop band and a resistant band with handles. Now let’s get started! 

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12 Min Upper Body Limited Equipment

Let’s hit that upper body Ladies (and Gents). Gotta keep it balanced right?  All you need are dumbbells today. Choose a weight that makes the last 3 reps challenging, and remember, you’re home! No one’s watching! If it’s 3 lbs who cares??!  If it’s 15 cool! Whatever, just challenge yourself. Building your upper body helps create the “X” body I strive for for all my clients. It’s all about proportions. Remember, I’ll do it if you do it! So let’s chill out and get hot(ter).

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