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Champing At The Bit

I wrote these entries as I prepared to fly to Boise, Idaho to visit Colt for the first time since I had dropped him at Wilderness Jan 10, 2020 and right after arriving but before seeing him. Covid had made a visit impossible and I was giddy with anticipation.

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The Birds And The Bees

Every so often I try to read the boys ‘body awareness’ books. Nothing too sexy, but just ‘these are your privates, and they are special” kind of jazz. Maybe its the Swede in me, but I am very open with my children about their bodies and the proper names of things etc. Not that I bring it up other than on these periodic occasions, but if they ask I try to answer truthfully (in an age appropriate way of course.)

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White Light

Just packing up and heading off for Oscar’s surgery today. Its routine thank god, his second set of tubes and the removal of his adenoids, but he will be intubated and its considered real ‘surgery’ this time.

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One Week

Oscar turned a week old today. He had a great night and a terrific morning. His feeds are up to 8cc from 5 yesterday so that’s fantastic. His o2 levels are the best they have been yet and we are heartened. He is back up to 3.6 so we are headed in the right direction.

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Catching The Gold Ring

We have long implored my father to write his memoirs. His life is a truly amazing story, and one we all know would entertain the masses. Selfishly I want it written down, in his hand. Want to remember every morsel for the rest of time. It is not to be believed.

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