The Remix offers something for everyone. From LIFT, our body part split traditional resistance training classes using all the amazing equipment we have here in The Remix space, to SWEAT, our in person and virtual no/low equipment classes that promise an insane, tabata style workout wherever you are, to LENGTHEN, our pilates inspired virtual or in person mobility and core class, all your fitness needs are met.

Buns & Guns

Glute max & biceps! In our Buns & Guns class you will be focusing on upper and lower body in a strength workout to get your body moving!

Ass Class

The classic, the class that started it all. Work Glute Max, Minimus and Medius as well and the entire posterior chain.

Cardio & Core

In our Cardio & Core class we focus on a body weight sweat fest!

Arms & Ass

In our Arms & Ass class we focus on shoulders, triceps, and glutes!

Quads & Core

In our Quads & Core class we will focus on anterior chain and abs!

Full Body Lift

Our Full Body Lift will focus on lifting heavier weights in a slower format. You will leave the class feeling balanced over all your muscle groups!

Dealer's Choice

Coach's pick! In our Dealer's Choice class your coach will bring their best energy forward and take the class through a class of their choice. A fun variety to shake up your week!


In-person or virtual.

A body weight / low equipment class that will make your body work. All "sweat" classes are virtual but can also be attended in person. Get ready to sweat!

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