Meet Amy

Hi, I’m Amy.  Maybe you’re a bit like I was 5 years ago…out of shape, at a real crossroads in my life as a wife, a mother, and as a woman in general.  I felt the weight of middle age heavy on my shoulders and there were days where I thought that I would fold.  There were days I thought I would never claw my way back to a life where I could again hold my head high.

Then I remembered that I am made of something combustible.  In me there is an ember, and it exists in each of you two.  I knew I deserved a happy, fulfilled life lived on my terms and in my own image.  I looked everywhere for a role model since my own mother passed away when I was 22.  Despite searching far and wide, I found no one.  

So I decided to create a space where the woman I was 5 years ago, unhappily married, overweight, low on self image and rudderless in general, could come for some inspiration and advice.  You, my friend, have found your way home

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