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Amy Tucci had the great fortune of being raised by a mother who modeled for her sound nutrition and fitness, and a father who's work ethic is unparalleled. The combination led her to a unique place, where she always felt at home in any part of the gym, and truly knew her way around. A life-long competitive equestrian on the national circuit, Amy loves setting goals and achieving them. A fitness model and competitor in her 20s, she truly made her wellness the center of her daily focus. She attended Brown University and Cardozo School of Law, all the while maintaining her elite level of riding and overall fitness despite a grueling schedule. Amy retired from horses when she became pregnant with her first son. She then rediscovered her childhood love of tennis, and began to play competitively in her 40s. She is the single mother to three boys, the oldest of whom has high-functioning Autism. Amy started The Remix in 2021 in an effort to share her passion for empowering and educating women who had lost touch with their inner athlete and to create a community of truly supportive women. Her greatest mission is to inspire strength and motivate others to lean into life, regardless of their age or circumstance.

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I’m seeking to connect with parents who are currently navigating important decisions for a child experiencing a mental health crisis. I help anxious, worried parents go from a reactive, under-resourced mindset to a thoughtful, educated level of awareness about the possible paths ahead for their child in crisis so that they can make efficient, informed decisions not only for that child but for their other children, their families, and themselves.

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