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Overcoming her eldest son's mental health crisis and divorce, a single mother of three is now dedicated to helping mothers facing similar challenges. Offering personalized support and a live course from January 15, she aims to empower mothers to make informed decisions and create a community of advocates for adolescent mental health. Join in promoting understanding, resilience, and support for families on this challenging journey.

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Mission Statement

My name is Amy Tucci. I am a single mother to three boys, aged 11, 14 and 16. My eldest son had a serious mental health crisis starting in 2017. I had to call 911 for help in May 2022. We tried different schools and programs to help him, such as Wilderness and Therapeutic Boarding School. He also had one-on-one tutoring and attended a Therapeutic Day School.

He had to stay in an Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital, and then went to a Short Term Residential Treatment Center. After that, he went back to Therapeutic Boarding School.

Now, he is thriving in a small supportive boarding school, and l'm so proud of him.

During this time, I got divorced and started my own company. It was overwhelming and difficult to make the decisions I faced for my son and my family. I wondered why there weren't resources for mothers like me. I have an advanced degree and consider myself educated and proactive in my parenting. I was fortunate to have the means to make choices that other families can't. Still, it felt completely chaotic as I found myself making massive decision after massive decision. I was learning whatever I could under duress when I would have much preferred thoughtful contemplation.

Everywhere I looked, there was more workload for me. Even worse, I felt judgment from many medical professionals I needed to consult with. I knew we could do better.

lam dedicated to helping mothers navigate their adolescent's mental health crisis. I know how hard it is firsthand. My mission is to guide these courageous women from a state of anxiety and scarcity of resources to a place of peaceful empowerment.

offer personalized support to a small group of clients. I also have a live course starting January 15. This course will teach essential skills for managing an adolescent's mental health crisis. My live course is a unique opportunity to work directly with me. The course will only be offered on demand in future iterations. It's a chance for mothers to learn how to thrive in their role as the primary support for their child, while also taking care of their other children, family, and themselves.

want to create a community of advocates who understand adolescent mental health crises. I want to provide mothers with the tools they need to make informed decisions for their family's well-being. aim to create a ripple effect of awareness and empowerment, starting with each mother I guide, and extending to the families and communities they touch.

Let's work together to help families on this journey by promoting understanding, resilience, and support 

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