Journaling Prompts

Journaling Prompts For Kids

It's important to create a healthy outlet for your children. I use journaling as a safe space for the boys. They each have their own journal. I encourage them to use nightly.

For the next day, I ask my boys to set one intention. They have to write it down as if it happened.

I've found this activity very rewarding for the boys and it has affected their mentality with daily challenges for the better.

Another tool that I like to incorporate in the nightly journaling is having them write a rose and thorn in their day.


Journaling Prompts

for children who struggle with anxiety

It can be difficult to support a child who is anxious. It is a learning experience as a parent and as a child.

Here are some prompts that I have used for when my children are anxious. This has helped them stay in control of their emotions and be proactive in these situations.

Nightly Journaling Prompts

Writing is therapeutic for me. Between writing in my blog, newsletter, or weekly checklist. I am always with my pen to paper or fingers to keys, dictating my thoughts. There is a release when the words come out. So I am sharing my journal prompts with you. It's important to be inspired.

A quote is what I prefer to begin with. Then I design my day as if it is bedtime for the following day. As I walk through it, I feel like it all happened according to plan.

Your mentality plays a huge role in your physical world. Most important element is the review prior to writing the next one. I grade myself or make a comment on how it happened and why.

NOTE: if you are stuck, what I do is write my rose and thorn down. Which are the best and worst parts of your day.

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