Upsetting Apple Carts

This term gets a lot of airtime these days. Most people have a concept of what it means but how it applies to life, not just business, is of particular interest to me.

I have always been most comfortable thinking of myself as an island. I actually think of everyone as little islands floating around in the same sea. This is more than just a pretty image, it informs everything about my mindset.

For a long time I attributed this orientation to being the youngest and the only daughter in my family. Then my mom passed when I was 22 and my island drifted further away from the others. I was truly alone in a way I had never
before been.

The truth is, my parents raised the three of us this way by design. They commended independence, encouraged the questioning of authority, and waited until we asked the golden question, “Why?”

“Why?” is at the very heart of disruptive thinking. Challenging the status quo, forgetting about the opinions of others, becoming comfortable with discomfort, welcoming failure and being brave with wild abandon are the pillars of a true disruptor. How forward thinking of my parents to shape our formative years the way they did.


Our New Classes Explained


Live Stream How-To


Wondering how to live stream our classes? We thought you might be. Here's a how-to video!


So many new updates for The Remix Fam. March 1 marks TWO YEARS for my little business and to say I am proud is a wild understatement. To mark the auspicious occasion, some news:

  1. First of all, we have two new coaches starting next month, Coach Cela and Coach Ali, both of whom will be amazing additions to the family here. Look for their introductions coming soon to Instagram and our other platforms.
  2. Secondly, Natasha Coughlin, MS, RDN, HHC, will be joining the company as our in-house Nutritionist. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and super excited to bring her expertise to our clients and audience at large. She will be available to work one on one with clients, virtually OR in person, for cooking demonstrations and classes, and as our resident expert on all things nutrition!
  3. STARTING IN MARCH we will be switching up the format of our classes a bit. The classes will be in three categories now:

LIFT (the traditional Remix format)
SWEAT (virtual and in person low equipment workouts emphasizing zone two cardio)
LENGTHEN (virtual and in person pilates inspired mobility classes)

Beyond this each day will focus on a different muscle group. We hope you will love the new ways to workout here and know that there truly is something for everyone!

If you sign up for a VIRTUAL class on MINDBODY, you will get a link 30 minutes before the class starts which will give you access to the class itself!

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