Hot Summer Night GRWM

Get Ready With Me for a hot and humid summer night out!  In the video I go through skincare, makeup, do my hair and show you the final look!  It’s so tough to make it all last through impossible weather conditions but I do my best lol.  As usual this one goes out to my over 40 girls but tips apply for everyone.  I go through my skincare, do my hair from wet to finished, and give you the whole 9.  Full product links below.   Let’s go out!!! 

GRWM For Women 40+ In 15 Minutes Or Less!

Looking for a quick makeup routine for your nights out? I have the perfect make up transformation you can use for any night out. Makeup tutorials are a great tool to use to find or redefine your style. This quick and easy makeup look is universally flattering and made for over 40 girls like me!  Let’s get ready to go out!

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