Special Needs

Champing At The Bit

I wrote these entries as I prepared to fly to Boise, Idaho to visit Colt for the first time since I had dropped him at Wilderness Jan 10, 2020 and right after arriving but before seeing him. Covid had made a visit impossible and I was giddy with anticipation.

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The Longest Day

Hello from the Charlotte Airport. It’s been the freaking longest day ever. But I delivered my package safely and intact. We started at 5am and the first part was easy. Even ran into an NFL player at our gate. Of course, I only noticed because of his rings. Colt marched right up and asked him if they were Superbowl Rings. They were. Roland Williams.

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In My Mind I’m Going To Carolina

The latter half of this week I spent in the mountains of western North Carolina where my oldest son Colt is enrolled in a school for boys on the autism spectrum. I share this because I think it is critical to talk about accommodations and challenges for children with special needs as well as engender solidarity whenever possible.

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