The Oscar Diaries

November 1st

November 1, 2012.  The day of reckoning.  The day I moved on from my sad story and onto my happy one.  There is a seismic shift happening for me.  I

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Missing Piece

For so long Oscar was my inspiration.  He was a concept, a future baby that would fill the Axel-shaped gap in my soul.  Not perfectly, because that would be impossible.

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Sex Ed

Is it just me or is the memory of your parents giving you ‘the talk’ seared in your mind’s eye as if it happened yesterday? I had pretty evolved parents, I mean, my mom was Swedish and well, you know those Swedes…she couldn’t wait to sit me down with that dreaded book with all those pictures.

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Tiny Footprints

Today was the day I capsized. Again. At this point its like my emptiness is swollen shut. Scabbed over and doused with enough social grace not to unload it on unsuspecting, ill-equipped listeners. All but those closest confidants are spared the ugliness of my feelings.

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A Soft Place To Land

I didn’t know what the word warrior meant before April. Ok. I thought I did. To me it conjured images of vikings and yoga classes. But I didn’t understand its implication before then. I think this quote is a pretty great one. And now I feel like I am closer to understanding it, or maybe giving the term the respect it is owed.

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Life In The Fast Lane

I am in a reflective place lately. Mostly because I am one-on-one with my kids for the first time in a great while. With the exception of a few hours a couple of times a week, its just me and the wolf pack. And you know what? Its nuts. And amazing.

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